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Make a Complaint

If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services please tell us. 

We regard a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about our action or lack of action or about the standard of service provided by us or on our behalf. 

If you would like to make a complaint there are several ways to do this. 

  • download and complete our complaints form
  • in person to the Associations office,
  • by phone
  • in writing   

Guide to making a complaint

A complaint may relate to:

  • failure to provide a service
  • inadequate standard of service
  • dissatisfaction with Ferguslie Park Housing Association policy
  • treatment by or attitude of a member of staff
  • Ferguslie Park Housing Association’s failure to follow the appropriate administrative process.
  • delays in responding to enquiries and requests

This list does not cover everything. For example, complaints may also be about:

  • unfairness, bias or prejudice in service delivery
  • failure to follow procedures
  • lack of provision, or the provision of misleading, unsuitable or incorrect advice or information
  • a repair that has not been carried out properly
  • Unacceptable behaviour by a member of staff, a committee member or a contractor.

A complaint is not:

  • a routine first-time request for a service
  • a request for compensation only
  • issues that are in court or have already been heard by a court or a tribunal
  • an appeal against a decision where there is an established appeal route; these should be heard through the appropriate appeal process.
  • an attempt to reopen a previously concluded complaint or to have a complaint reconsidered where we have already given our final decision.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone who receives, requests or is affected by our services can make a complaint. It also includes a member of the public who could have access to or be affected by our services, including our (anti-social behaviour/neighbour nuisance) services. All these people are Ferguslie Park Housing Association’s customers.

Sometimes a customer may be unable or reluctant to make a complaint on their own. We will accept complaints brought by third parties as long as the customer has given their personal consent. These complaints are treated in the same way as any other, regardless of who has brought the complaint.

If you would like to make a complaint please complete the form below and tell us the nature of your complaint in the comments box. 

Information on how we handle your personal information is included in our privacy policy