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Information regarding refuse and recycling bins

FPHA has recently received some calls from tenants asking that we provide them with new refuse and recycling bins. This service is something that housing associations including FPHA do not typically provide and tenants are politely advised that this is something that needs to be taken up with Renfrewshire Council who are the provider of refuse and recycling bins in the area.

FPHA do pay and arrange for new bins to be provided through the Council where any empty properties are being let and there isn’t the proper provision of bins at the property. Unfortunately, we do know that there has been a delay in the Council providing new bins to some tenants of new properties due to the impact of lockdown.

The Association has fomrally compalined concerning this delay and we have been adivsed the Council are working hard to catch up with deliveries of bins to these addresses though there is no timescales available on when these deliveries will take place.