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Allocation Policy - Let Us Hear Your Views

We are reviewing our Allocations Policy (the way we let our empty homes), and if you are looking to be housed with us this will affect you.

Currently we work with one long waiting list and select the person at the top for the size of property available.

Over the last few months we have been asking for your views on how we allocate our properties, and using the feedback we received we have developed a new Draft Allocations Policy. Our Board approved a first draft for further consultation and we want to hear your views on this.

You can read the Draft Allocation Policy in the Tenant Consultation area of our website, and click on this link to give feedback and add any comments you want us to listen to. The information on ‘How We Allocate Our Homes’ starts on page 12.

The main change is that we are moving away from one long waiting list to a Group Plus Points system where you will still get all the points for the housing needs you have, but be placed in the group where your housing need is the greatest.

What we would like your feedback on is:

  •        Should the Draft Allocations Policy stay how it is?
  •        Are the points allocated to each housing need (overcrowding, relationship breakdown etc.) reasonable?
  •     If you have medical needs, should you be placed in the Medical Group even if your other housing needs are greater?

The groups are

  • Group 1 – Homelessness
  • Group 2 – Urgent Housing Needs
  • Group 3 – Unsatisfactory Housing Conditions
  • Group 4 – Overcrowding/Under-Occupation
  • Group 5 – General Needs
  • Group 6 – Care & Support
  • Group 7 – Aspirational

We will close this consultation period on Friday 4th October at 12pm, please take the time to give us your views.


Greg Richardson
Housing Services Manager